In JavaScript, we use the console method to debug or display the output. Most developers utilize the console.log() method, however JavaScript includes several fantastic console methods that are less commonly used yet really useful. Today I'll go over five terminal methods that can assist you troubleshoot.

1. Console.table()

The console.table() method displays complex arrays and objects in tabular format. Using this strategy, we can also swiftly sort columns.

2. Console.trace()

The console.trace() method is identical to the console.log() method, with the exception that it offers a stack trace in addition to a printing message. The console.trace() function will return a complete stack trace of the functions, including the files from which they are called.

3. Console.error()

The method console.error() prints an error message to the console.

4. Console.count()

The console.count() method keeps track of how many times count() has been called. The count() method takes one argument, although it is optional; the default value is "default."

5. Console.clear()

To clear the console, use this procedure.

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