When using the command line to access a database, you must be skilled and compose a complete query. A GUI-based database system may be required. Workbench, SQLPro database software, or browser-based tools like phpMyAdmin or Adminer are all options.

Adminer is a PHP-based database management tool that is simple and lightweight. It's just one php file, thus it's simple to use and transport. Adminer can be used with third-party plugins for MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, and other databases. Simply download and upload the Adminer.php code to your server to gain access to databases.

If you wish to use the Adminer tool in your Laravel framework, you can use the Laravel Adminer Database Manager to do so. Here are some examples of how to utilise Adminer in a Laravel application.

Using the Composer command, first install the package in your Laravel application.

composer require onecentlin/laravel-adminer

Add the provider class to the 'providers' array in the config/app.php file.

'providers' => [

In app/Http/Kernel.php, add the adminer middleware group. Instead of Authenticate, you can use your own own middleware.

protected $middlewareGroups = [
    'adminer' => [
        // use laravel default login or add your custom here

Using the artisan command, publish the package configuration file.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Onecentlin\Adminer\ServiceProvider"

This will duplicate the files config/adminer.php and public/adminer.css.

You can activate or disable autologin and set route prefix in the config/adminer.php file.


return [
    'autologin' => false,
    'route_prefix' => 'adminer',

You can install the theme in the public/adminer.css file.

You can use route to get to Adminer on your browser.


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