It's an available fact that if you want to work at the big tech companies, you need to know how to make an impression.

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  7. Java

It's an available fact that if you want to work at the big tech companies, you need to know how to make an impression. These words of advice will be able to help you get one step closer on that path. Whether you want to be a web designer, game developer, machine learning enthusiast or work in any other connected tech profession, there is just one thing that you need ? programming languages. These days programming languages are becoming the center of everything. Quite a few languages exist which can take aspirants to great heights in this field. As the demand for software developers is increasing rapidly, it is crucial to gain hands-on experience with the leading programming languages. These days, developers can choose from a wide range of programming languages to help land the perfect gig. In this article, we'll discuss which ones attract top companies like Microsoft and Facebook, as well as Google.

1. JavaScript

JavaScript was originally built as a competitor to Java by Netscape, but they quickly realized that it could grow into its own. JavaScript is a popular programming language because it can help developers quickly code new projects. It has many libraries and frameworks to use. There are various languages, frameworks and tools that people can use for front-end development. Node.js is a versatile language for backend development. Jest and Mocha are two helpful platforms that enable the setting up of unit tests to check if the functionality works as intended or not.

2. Ruby

Ruby is a Japanese programminglanguage. It received a lot of popularity because of Ruby on Rails' success. And Ruby on Rails was, at some point, the hottest framework for developing websites. Ruby on Rails can do a wide range of tasks. RoR has made coding popular among people. This technology has displayed programmers how to make coding smarter with its impressive and distinctive attributes. It can handle complicated scenarios and makes programming easy for anyone.

3. Python

Python is an ideal language for beginners to learn programming. It has a simple syntax that's effortless to grasp and use. It can be used in a myriad of software development, web development, and other projects. The Solid programming language provides significant support with APIs and garbage collection, as well as improved interoperability to other languages. In addition, its GUI support is amongst the best in the world.

4. C/C++

C++ is a favorite among software engineering buffs and for good reason. It is relatively fast and stable, which are great for systems programmers, and provides an organized framework called the "STL", which allows developers to write less code because much of it has already been written by various libraries. STL contains many algorithms, structures and arithmetic functions. You should choose C++ as a programming language to solve problems of audio-visual processing.

5. Swift

In 2014, Apple created its own programming language to compete with Microsoft. This was also the founding year of this language when it was used across their business and on their Linux and Mac applications. Swift is an easy, open-source language designed for the coding beginner. It's used by some of the highest demand applications such as WordPress and Firefox where it helps keep everything running smoothly.

6. PHP

PHP is still one of the most popular backend programming languages and useful for web development. Most websites use it including Facebook, Yahoo or any other company you can think of. PHP is also essential for web development so many people decided to learn it. Developers and programmers can start using this language for everything from writing command-line scripts and desktop applications to making traditional websites.

7. Java

Java has a lot of frameworks and libraries. It's used for app development. For instance, Spring uses Java as its backend, while Hibernate uses Java for database access. JUnit is a framework that helps with the creation of unit tests in your Java projects. Java is a building block of Android, which consists mostly of native Android apps. Java is a popular language that was most likely learned after an introductory computer programming course in college or school. Java is often used to teach object-oriented programming to beginners.

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