A programming language is mainly used for developing apps for desktop and mobile devices.

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Predominantly, programming languages are used to tell a computer what tasks it should complete. It does this by writing down sets of instructions in computer languages like C (C, C++, Java, Python), for example. A programming language is mainly used for developing apps for desktop and mobile devices.
Here are the top languages that will be most popular in 2022

1. JavaScript

JS is the current market leader and an excellent programming language. The development of this language all happened in 1994 when it was created to be a Navigator scripting language for Netscape (at that time, one of the best browsers). JavaScript, the programming language that runs web pages on the Internet, was invented in 1995 by Brendan Eich at Netscape. Google has since adopted it with their Chrome browser and it is now widely popular among programmers of the future. Due to its popularity, JavaScript is the most often recommended programming language on the Internet. Developers from all over the world love to use JavaScript and this shows in the statistics. THis language is applicable to nearly all kind of development, like mobile app development, web development and desktop app development.

Angular and Vue are two frontend frameworks, while Node.js is a powerful language for backend development tasks. Jest is one of a number of tools that can be used to verify the functionality of a project. You might also want to look into Mocha or Fuse for example. Of course, if you?re not very comfortable with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (even though there are stacks of resources that teach you) then the easiest solution would be to use vanilla HTML, CSS and JS. Developers around the world can't get enough of JavaScript because it is one of the most supported languages in terms of packages. That being said, there are a lot of new solutions that can help you out with using this language.

2. Java

Oak was the first programming language to have a significant global impact when it was developed by James Gosling, Patrick Naughton & Mike Sheridan in 1991. The new programming language used the same format as C/C++, but had some new ideas to make it more appealing to a wider audience. Java is coded on the principle of Write Once, Run Everywhere. It has been designed to make it easy for everyone, no matter what type of computer or operating system they may be using, to use Java programs.

Java also provides handy frameworks - libraries powering the back-end of Java projects. Spring, for example, is a framework used in app development. JUnit helps you set up unit tests for your Java project. Java is also used in native Android apps. For example, Java powers Android's SDK itself. Java is one of the most popular languages used in programming courses. Java teaches object-oriented programming to beginner programmers and it can be found in a lot of colleges and schools. Java is also highly respected in analytics & research, but the only problem with it is the lack of support packages and applications. There's very little community involvement - something that most major languages have. Although it's a language that is easy to learn, and so has appealed to adopters, Java can be difficult to master.

3. Python

Python has been used in the Dutch industry since the late 1980s. Initially, it was designed to be a competitor for Java. However, Python did not really take off until it became heavily popular among researchers in recent years. It's well-known that Python is one of the most versatile programming languages around, with a perfect score on the IEEE Spectrum rankings. It also has a lot of support and respect in the developer community, at 44.1%. 

Python is suitable for pretty much anything, because it has web frameworks like Django and Flask or scientific tools like Jupyter and Spyder. If you?re looking for automation, Selenium is worth checking out. Python offers a lot of flexibility through the use of its language and pretty much anywhere can benefit from it. These are some of the more popular tools produced by Python. Python is one of the most popular programming languages and there are tons of packages, frameworks, & open source software available.

There are many programming languages available for machine learning and data science in general. However, Python is probably the most popular. R and MATLAB also offer a lot of competition, but Python?s the undisputed king of businesses large & small. A significant number of the frameworks and libraries used in machine learning are made in Python, so it seems like a language worth taking on if you're interested in learning more about this topic. It's also beneficial because the majority use Python.

4. C++

Perhaps one of the most surprising responses in this article will come from C++. Despite being the language people often use to learn about data structures & algorithms, it rarely finds practical usage. One example of how C++ became successful is when it was first created by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1982. The programming language was created as an extension of the C programming language and went on to be used widely across many industries.

C++ may be best known for its use in gaming, but there are a number of other uses for it. C++ is used by some analytics software and by the Unreal Engine. The Unreal Engine's scripting language is also C++ which gives developers all of the functionality they need to develop games. C++ can be really useful for software development. It is perfect for projects that need to be flexible in their method but want the benefits of object oriented programming. C++ is still in use and ranked 4th in the TIOBE index. It's easier to understand than other languages, which is ideal for certain types of work. The language is also extensively used in system software development. Security is the prime consideration in any sensitive area like the OS and C++ provides the best level of security. Its low compilation time also comes in handy. Nightly builds can be performed much more quickly, minimizing possible vulnerabilities.

You can find the largest number of people learning C++ among all other semantic languages. Most students would start their data structures courses building trees, queues, and various other data structures in C++. Naturally, It is relatively easy to pick up and learn, as well as simple to master if one pays attention to details.

5. TypeScript 

TypeScript has several different applications and can be used whether you are developing for the web, desktop apps, or an app for your phone. Head to our website for more information about these! It also contains a lot of other useful resources for small businesses. TypeScript is the second most popular language loved by 67.1% of developers (only second to Rust).
TypeScripts focus on development means it doesn't have much appeal to scientists. However, with the new features that TypeScript has - like static types which were introduced in ES6 and can be found in modern, popular languages like Java and Go - one might see a greater interest among programmers. The skill required to learn this language is much less than that of JavaScript ? and many behaviors that are difficult to understand are easier in TypeScript. In other words, you have a slightly lower chance of hurting yourself.

6. Golang 

New languages are rising on the horizon and are challenging JavaScript and Python which have been the major pillars of this industry for a long time. Google developed Go to advance the cause of functional programming, and it has already earned a large following in just a few years. It?s made it the fifth most popular language according to StackOverflow and is
Go is used in a variety of areas including for developing robust software and for backends for websites and mobile applications. At the moment, Go even supports some basic web development. With more and more websites now being powered by JavaScript, it is becoming apparent that TypeScript is fast becoming the next web language. It?s already full of features and continues to rise in popularity.
The Go programming language is slightly more difficult to learn than other languages, but it's worth the effort. It's an open-source language that gets frequent updates, so staying updated is a necessity.

7. Dart

Dart is quickly becoming a vital player in the industrial sphere. Google?s contribution in the spheres of languages has significantly increased to compete with the increase in popularity of Microsoft?s TypeScript. Dart has been highly adored by programmers and companies alike, which has led to an overall rise in its popularity

Dart is often used for building software that can run on various different devices. For instance, Flutter is a framework made with Dart that runs on all sorts of devices. Flutter is quickly surpassing React Native as the most popular framework today. This comes with a ton of benefits for developers like improved UI and UX, higher performance and simpler codebase management.

Dart is easier to learn than JavaScript and has a more intuitive approach to more complex cases. Programmers now have TypeScript & Dart for use in their own work.

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