Component - A subset of directives known as angular components are always linked to a template. In contrast to other directives, a template element can only have one instantiated component at a time. For a component or application to be accessible to other components or applications, it must be a member of an NgModule.

Directive - Classes called directives are used to give elements in your Angular applications extra behavior. Use the built-in directives of Angular to control the forms, lists, styles, and user interface. For a working example containing the code snippets in this guide, see the live example or download the sample.

A component is a directive that is used to generate and encapsulate visual behavior known as components by shadowing the DOM. UI widgets are often created using them.Usually, when adding behavior to an existing DOM element, a directive is utilized.
We use the @Component metadata annotation attributes to register a component.We employ the @Directive meta-data annotation attribute to register directives.
It is additionally used to divide the application into smaller parts.It is mostly used to create reusable parts.
Per DOM element, only one component may be present.A single DOM element can have many directives.
decorator for @View or a template A component must have a URL template.There is no View in a Directive.
Pipe definition is done using a component.Pipes cannot be defined in a directive.
Difference between component and directive in Angular

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